Soak up Vacation Benefits

Admit it … you’ve been daydreaming of a warm, tropical beach, your toes in the sand, listening to the gentle waves hit the shore. We’re all longing to put the days of quarantine behind us and get back to what we love the most, travel!

Now with amazing deals, fewer crowds, open-air dining, and elevated standards of quality and cleanliness with our CleanComplete Verification™ program, the opportunity to socially distance elsewhere has never seemed so appealing.

Here are some reasons why taking a vacation is more important than ever!

Boost your spirits. Simply planning your next adventure offers excellent benefits to your mental health. The anticipation and excitement of preparing for an upcoming vacation can improve your overall mood. Knowing that good times await can boost your spirits and cultivate the right energy needed in these uncertain times.

Live in the moment. Breaking your routine will help you to become more mindful. While our situations have all been slightly different these past few months, we have allowed ourselves to fall into a new version of autopilot. A change in scenery will provide an opportunity to rediscover the things that excite and inspire. Actively engaging in your surroundings will stimulate the senses, allowing you to appreciate each moment and recognize your purpose.

Connect with your loved ones. Being stuck at home with our loved ones doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve spent quality time together. In our new roles as homemakers, caretakers, teachers, and otherwise, we’ve barely had time to genuinely connect. There is something magical about a new perspective, especially when that fresh view comes with everything included! No need to worry about cooking or cleaning when you’re at an all-inclusive resort. You can let your cares float away and take the time needed to focus on fun and create everlasting memories.

Socialize with friends. While we have been wrapped up in life as we know it, our external relationships have taken a back seat. It’s time to ditch the virtual hangouts for some real-life face time. Sure, a simple chat with a good friend could leave you feeling grounded, but taking a vacation together can lift your spirits up to new heights. Catch up over curated cocktails served on a socially distanced beach. Reward yourself. To say that we are living through challenging times is an understatement. As we try to navigate the uncertainty, many of us have been neglecting our own self-care. Knowing what you want out of your vacation is empowering, and making the commitment to travel is the first step to improve the relationship with yourself. During your trip, dedicate time to catch your breath and reflect. Gazing out to the sea can evoke feelings of awe, while a fun, water-aerobics class can ignite your spirit, ensuring you will return to your routine feeling refreshed and enlightened.

Increase productivity. Americans are famously vacation-shy, but taking time off is not only great for our mental health, it’s also beneficial for our careers. Employees who take advantage of their vacation days often perform better. Stepping away from your daily routine allows you to return to work feeling creative, focused, and inspired.
Plus, post-vacation bliss is contagious. Friends, family, and colleagues will undoubtedly notice the shift in energy upon your return. Ease back into your routine, and share stories of your recent travels to inspire others to take the trip!

Don’t delay living your best life. Book now, snag an amazing deal, and reap all the benefits of travel!

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