Travel Hacks of Kindness

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community to bring back the travel industry. A community of people who know what wanderlust feels like, who love to seek out new places and who have an appreciation for visiting and learning about different parts of the world. Individually, each of these goals may seem daunting, but when combined in the form of small acts of kindness, the impact is inspiring and the difference is nothing short of remarkable. Learn how you can do your part in sparking back the world’s collective love of travel—one act at a time.!

1. Bring a gift or donation for the resorts’ surrounding community

As a tourist, you have an opportunity to share a gift with the special destination you’re visiting. Whether that’s school supplies for the underprivileged kids in the community or donating your time to a local cleanup, you can make a real difference with a small charitable effort. Check out the projected weather of your destination before you go with our Weather Planner and plan your toys/gifts accordingly.

2. Seek out certified green resorts or those dedicated to sustainable practices

All it takes is a little bit of initial research, and supporting sustainable-focused resorts can make a large impact. AMResorts has over 30 resorts that are Rainforest Alliance Certified, which includes protection of surrounding ecosystems, utilizing natural resources, climate change alleviation and more. Need somewhere to start? Check out our sustainability initiatives at Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana.

3. Give a wedding gift of travel by contributing money towards the couple’s honeymoon

Honeymoon Wishes is a registry that allows wedding guests of an engaged couple to help create the honeymoon they deserve. Choose to contribute to an array of experiences like spa treatments, fun excursions and more. From options at Dreams Honeymoon Wishes to Secrets Honeymoon Wishes, our resorts give you endless opportunities to treat the newlyweds to the vacation of a lifetime!

4. Bring back locally made souvenirs to friends and family

Whether an area is well known for their woodwork, tapestries or another beautiful handicraft, your friends and family will appreciate receiving a beautiful, authentic gift. Most importantly, the support to the local community will be unmatched.

5. Recognize top performers with a travel gift certificate

If you’re an employer, you know how hardworking your employees are and how deserving they are of some R&R. AMResorts Flex Travel Incentive is a thoughtful way to reward your top team players for their dedication. These all-inclusive stay certificates are redeemable at the recipient’s leisure—making them a great, convenient incentive

6. Give your elite status perk to someone in need

Have some frequent flyer miles racked up or saving an upgrade to first class? Give the gift of a little more ease when traveling to someone who could really use the relief like a single parent traveling with kids or a struggling neighbor who deserves a getaway after an extremely rough year.

7. Pay it forward by helping a parent, child or grandchild start a vacation fund

Remember, travel is money spent that makes life richer. Travel helps us to learn and grow as people. After you return from your own travels, spread the love by helping a family start saving for a destination they’ve always wanted to visit. It’s something they’ll be grateful for the rest of their lives.

8. Go the extra mile to thank those who work in travel

Airport employees, flight attendants, tour guides, resort employees and travel agents have been working tirelessly throughout the past year to help travelers navigate this new world. Whether it’s a simple ‘thank you’ or even picking up some flowers to hand out to various individuals who are hard at work, they will love knowing their effort is seen and appreciated.

With an act of kindness or a kind word, each of us has the ability to make a strong impact on someone else’s day or life. Travel gives us the opportunity to reach those we may not pass cross paths with otherwise and that’s something to be celebrated and utilized for good. Which act of kindness will you do?

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