March Madness…Telltale Signs You Need a Vacation

You know the feeling. The longing. The wistful sigh. The sweet daydream of sun-kissed skin fresh from a luxuriously long shower, slipping into something breezy for an exquisite dinner by the water.

It is day “can’t-even-keep-track of” quarantine and your thoughts are increasingly swerving toward the tropics. Are these fleeting feelings or signs that you are ready to pack up and take off?

Keep an eye out for these telltale signs that you may be in need of a round-trip, all-inclusive escape to paradise.

You know you need a vacation when…

Your search history is filled with vacation ideas and travel deals.

Are you finding yourself stealing 5, 10, 30 minutes at your home office to browse vacation sites? Same here. Quit hitting refresh on the travel offer pages and Seize Your Sunshine (by March 22, 2021) with up to 40% off, or add to your ever-growing Pinterest board with this list of drool-worthy rooms in the hottest destinations.

Jimmy Buffet landed on your most played list.

Listening to beach beats, rhythmic reggae or the sounds of summer has gotten you through the worst of the winter blues, but you’re ready for the real thing. Brighter days are coming soon, and we’ve prepared a playlist to help you Keep Calm and Vacation On. Let the soothing melodies distract you of unwanted thoughts and gently massage your mind.

Every video-chat inevitably ends with you pushing for a celebratory trip.

Someone get engaged? Cancun! You’re BFF announced she’s pregnant? Group babymoon to Los Cabos! Your kid said their first curse-word? No-kid getaway to Jamaica! It’s Monday? Costa Rica! Panama! The Dominican Republic! Literally anywhere with sun and a beach! Check out our go-to-guides for these top escape destinations.

You bought new clothes for a trip you haven’t booked.

Packages keep arriving on your doorstep and you swear you have no idea how they got there, you have fashion shows in your living room for an excuse to breakout your new gear, and your video-call wardrobe is on-point with a formal button down and Hawaiian-print shorts. If your daily rotation of sweatpants isn’t cutting it anymore, give yourself a real excuse to hit add-to-cart!

You plan theme nights at home for a vacation-vibe.

Daydreaming your way down the international food aisle Saturday evening, you pick up taco supplies while listening to salsa and imagining the Riviera Mayan shores. On Tuesday, you select fine cheese and wine to say je t’aime in St. Martin. End of the week calls for a spicy evening with some jerk chicken paired with Jamaican melodies. When you’re ready for the real thing, our luxury resorts each offer unique and exquisite flavors from around the world, nightly theme events and lively entertainment, all included!

Your 15-minute shower feels like a spa retreat.

Imagine blissful time by yourself, eyes closed, warm water flowing over your face, steam soothing your senses, exotic whiffs of expensive lotions… when did your shower become such a luxury? Treat yourself to a truly unforgettable spa experience - our Secrets Spas by Pevonia® are havens for rejuvenating body and facial treatments, soothing hydrotherapy, relaxing massage treatments and pampering salons.

The backgrounds on your screens now feature tropical destinations.

Screen time has risen exponentially over the past year, and – whether you’re at your work screen, escape screen or boredom screen – for you, they’re all sporting pristine white-sand beaches, tranquil pools or tropical sunsets. Looking for some new eye-candy? Try these awe-inspiring images out for size:


It’s 2021. We’re still in masks.

Unbelievably, it’s been a year since our world turned upside down. If you’re exhibiting any of the above March Madness signs, it may be time to leave the stress of the unexpected behind and travel with confidence. For as long as the CDC and government travel regulations are in place, we’ve got you covered with on-site CDC-compliant COVID testing plus a 14-day resort quarantine reassurance policy. Learn more about our CleanComplete+ program and elevated safety standards.

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