5 Ways to Love Yourself this Month

It’s that time of the year again and love is in the air. Whether you are single or currently coupled up, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating those you love. Practicing self-love is just as important. We’ve compiled a list of 5 different ways you can give yourself some personal pick me-up’s to embrace all there is to love about you this month.

  1. Create an AMResorts inspired at-home spa experience. Taking time to focus on your own relaxation is the #1 form of self-care. The best part of personalized pampering is it can be in the comfort of your own home. Spend an evening giving yourself a pedicure, a soothing facemask, and even a hair and scalp treatment. Make your resort-like at-home experience complete by using exclusive Pevonia® products found in our spas to feel your absolute best.

  2. Order in and indulge. Thinking of a simpler way to give yourself a little more praise? Order dinner from your favorite restaurant. Spoiling yourself with your most desired meal is an easy way to grant yourself some extra self-love. Or if you’re feeling up to it, take yourself out on a dinner date. It can be a night on the town or a night in, whichever way you feel most comfortable celebrating you. Just don’t forget to order yourself dessert. A little bit of indulgence wouldn’t be complete without it.

  3. Celebrate your body with movement. Movement is the ultimate medicine, so why not celebrate all that your body can do for you? Try a soothing walk around the neighborhood or finally signing up for that exercise class you keep putting off. Loving yourself includes feeling good, both mentally and physically. Honor your mind and body with some more movement, which will boost those feel-good endorphins. Self-love always seems to multiply when we’re feeling our best.

  4. Treat yourself to a gift. Small presents for you from you can go a long way to remind yourself why you are worth celebrating. It can be something as small as picking yourself up a fresh bouquet of flowers to display in your kitchen. Or, it can even be something like the new camera you’ve been thinking of purchasing to capture new memories for your next adventure away. Whichever size gift you plan on purchasing, just know you deserve it.

  5. When the time feels right, book yourself a long weekend away. Solo travel to a new destination seems intimidating until we actually try it for ourselves. There is nothing more liberating than taking a much-needed escape to unwind with uninterrupted relaxation. Lounge by the pool, start a new book on the beach, and hit snooze on your alarm as many times as you want. If you book now through March 22, 2021 you can receive up to 40% off your stay.

Take some time for some serious self-love this month, because you’re definitely worth celebrating.

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