Cinco de Mayo DIY Piñata

Celebrate in the fun of Cinco de Mayo with the whole family whether you’re on-property at one of our resorts in Mexico or in the comfort of your own home. With colorful displays and interactive décor, bringing a touch of the vibrant Mexican culture to your own space is a simple and easy way to get in the holiday spirit. Use our step-by-step DIY decoration guide below. All you need is a few simple items, and maybe a few extra helping hands to participate in the crafting fun.

What you’ll need:

  • Cardboard box (any leftover cereal box or delivery box should do!)
  • Scissors and box cutter (with parental/guardian supervision)
  • Tissue paper, as many different colors as you like
  • Glue stick, tape or glue gun
  • Marker or pen
  • A string or rope to hang finished piece with (optional)

Step 1.

Get your cardboard box and draw or trace any shape you like onto the box. This will be the outline and shape of your piñata, so get creative! It could be as simple as a square or star or a more intricate design. Whatever you are tracing just make sure there is extra room on the box to cut out a second side.

Step 2.

Cut out your shape. If a guardian is present, use a box cutter. A pair of scissors will work just as well.

Step 3.

Use that piece that was just cut out to trace a second side on the box again, and repeat step 2 so both shapes are cut out and you have two sides to your piñata.

Step 4.

Cut strips of cardboard. Depending on the shape you created you may need more than 4 strips. Start with 4 and you can cut extras if you need to. These strips will create depth to your shape. Once the strips are cut secure them to one side of the piñata using a glue gun or tape. Make sure you leave one side or one strip open for step 5.

Step 5. (optional)

If you just want to use the piñata as decoration, you do not need to fill it. If you intend on breaking it open, you can fill it with candy or any other fun treat before securing the final side or strip in place. If you intend on hanging the piñata, poke two holes next to each other in the top with scissors or a toothpick. It will be easiest to fasten the rope or string you have before decorating with fringe, so fish the string through both holes and fasten it in a knot so the finished product can be hung once it is fully decorated.

Step 6.

Take your final strip and secure it to your shape using tape or a glue gun. You should have a fully closed and secure shape. Now for the fun part! Decorate using tissue paper. Cut the tissue with as much fringe as you like and start wrapping it around the shape and securing it with a glue stick. The more tissue you add on with fringe, the fuller the piñata will look. Continue to do this until your shape is fully covered in tissue paper and the paper has been cut into fringe.

Step 7.

You’re all done! If you are just using the piñata as a centerpiece or decoration around the house, place it out for your guests to enjoy. Or, if you plan on breaking it open – hang it up in a secure location where it can be admired until it’s time to crack open.

We hope you and your loved ones take some time to create this Cinco de Mayo inspired masterpiece at home. Every Cinco de Mayo celebration needs some colorful creations that can be enjoyed by the whole family. If you want to take it a step further and experience all of the Mexican culture this holiday has to offer in one of our destinations, take our AMResorts brand quiz to find your perfect brand match so you can get celebrating with us in Mexico!

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